a cafe that i forgot what its name? One of cafe in Pare, Kediri

February 19, 2018

coffee in pare kediri - zetabita
Photo by @hafiznurl

February 19th, feeling a little bit lagged since i've been doing a lot of stuff that were not supposed to be done by me, working in a mostly unorganized company structure is painstakingly sometimes joyful but mostly felt like sh** to be honest, lol.

I am leaving soon, so mostly didn't care so much, gotta think about how I'm supposed to say to him, the guy who handle my operations in east java, but at least, at the very least, I've got a decent coffee time today, in this Suburban region of Pare, Kediri, East Java.

Honestly not much to see around here, that's why I didn't expect anything more than a few nice coffee shop around here, and I was right, lol, but at least again, these places were not so crowded. Nice place to do some things, as long as it has nice "chair to table ratio".

I never knew about this one coffee shop before, when I was taking my time there I didn't even check the name of that place, the price range is about a little bit above the average in this region, but with the presentation and the overal "taste", it was pretty good, considering the price is lower than any other coffee shop i've ever visited in another town with the same , hmmmm, let's say, "class". Nice place, out from the crowds, definitely the menu is great, the onion rings, affogato and nachos are great. (hfz)

Photo by Hafiz Nur Lekseptian

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